Nursing Informatics

Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century

Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century is the follow-up to the highly successful, award-winning first edition. Published in 2006, the first edition was a critical resource in chronicling the huge historical shift in nursing linked to the explosion of EHR national strategies and health policies around the globe. This updated edition, co-published by AMIA, examines the revolution that has occurred in nursing and explores the role IT is playing in this transformation, with a thoughtful examination of nursing practice, science and research, and education across the globe. With nearly 50 case studies written by nursing’s leading innovators and recognized leaders across specific segments of the healthcare industry and the globe, the book presents a “snapshot” of nursing and IT adoption worldwide. The book provides in-depth analysis of nursing developments in the United States and an expanded global focus, including profiles of EHR initiatives in the Middle East and Asia. In addition, new topics in this second edition include nursing faculty development and results of a five-country international survey on nursing clinical documentations.

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