5-in-1 Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer and Stethoscope Kit by LotFancy, Adult/ Large Adult/ Child/ Infant/ Thigh Cuffs, Penlight and Portable Carrying Case Included

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LotFancy 5-cuff sphygmomanometer and stethoscope is a flexible manual high blood pressure kit and stethoscope for basic auscultation for any ages of patients.
5-in-1 Palm Sphygmomanometer:
The palm sphygmomanometer is the most often used bp gauge utilized by experts, most precise and dependable manual high blood pressure screen. The multi-purpose aneroid bp device with 5 cuffs in various sizes is hassle-free to inspect systolic and diastolic high blood pressure and pulse rate for all ages of individuals including new-born infants, children, thin and fat grownups.

Dual-head Stethoscope:
The 5-in-1 stethoscope is utilized by medical professionals and trainees alike to determine and study heart, lung and other body noises, a reputable medical tool for physical evaluation, monitoring and diagnosis for babies, kids and grownups. The stethoscope provides high acoustic level of sensitivity through its dual-sided, stainless-steel chestpiece, with large diaphragm on one side for examining adult high frequency noises and small diaphragm on the other for pediatric and infant high frequency sound, and the adult size bell to identify low/ medium frequency noises and murmurs, the medium size bell to be utilized on narrow locations such as in between ribs to catch low/ medium frequency noises and whisperings, infant size bell to pick up low/ medium frequency sounds and murmurs from baby hearts.

LED Penlight(batteries not consisted of):
Long-term and energy efficient LED Penlight with sealed concentric beam to brighten the eyes, ears and throat does not burn patients' retinas or trigger complaints.Tips for Usage: For a

Dual Head Chestpiece, only one side of the chestpiece is active at when. The user needs to turn the Valve at the base of the chestpiece, so that the flat edge of the valve is placed on the very same side as the chestpiece you are using.

  • FLEXIBLE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE SET: this sphygmomanometer and stethoscope kit includes everything you require to check blood pressure and heart health for any ages at the clinic, the palm sphygmomanometer with multi cuffs, dual-head stethoscope, LED penlight and convenient storage case
  • EXPERT PRECISION: the manual high blood pressure screen is most frequently used by health experts for its trusted and accurate readings, suitable for nurses, medical trainees and medical professionals
  • 5-in-1 PALM SPHYGOMANOMETER: the aneroid sphygmomanometer set features 5 interchangeable cuff sizes, infant cuff (5" to 7.5"), pediatric cuff (7.2" to 10.5"), standard cuff (10" to 16"), big adult cuff (13" to 20"), and thigh cuff (16" to 26")
  • DUAL-HEAD STETHOSCOPE: stethoscope with adult, pediatric and infant bell rims supplies trusted acoustic performance for taking blood pressure readings and making physical assessments of adult, pediatric and infant patients; extra 2 pairs of eartips and 1 little diaphragm and 1 large diaphragm are likewise consisted of
  • LED PENLIGHT AND PORTABLE CASE: inspect your eyes, ears and throat with the extra penlight (batteries not consisted of); the multi-pocketed case keeps each component firmly in place, yet immediately accessible; the strong deal with allows for simple carry and wall installing at the clinic or in the open position

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