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RN Salary | Registered Nurse Salary Averages Revealed

Registered Nurse income averages and also statistics: Just how much cash do signed up nurses actually make per year? This video includes Registered Nurse salary and also registered nurse per hour wage (earnings) stats.

See registered nurse salary averages for all 50 states here:

RN wages remain to climb up every year for registered nurses. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is still forecasting a 15% growth rate for RNs between years 2016-2026, which goes beyond the typical development rate for all line of work. While the growth price is down a pair of portion factors from 2015, the work outlook for registered nurses still looks wonderful!

In 2017, RNs earned an ordinary wage of $73,550 per year in the United States. The ordinary hourly wage for a registered nurse in 2017 was $35.36 per hr. Registered nurse earnings averages proceed to grow yearly, and several registered nurses are very thrilled to get their first income.

If you’re a registered nurse, you may be thinking to yourself, “I earned way even more than that!” or “I didn’t earn anywhere near that!”
Why is that?

The numbers over are just averages, meaning all of the salaries for registered nurses were combined as well as separated by the complete number of nurses to establish the ordinary income and wage. The precise quantity you make can differ based upon a variety of variables.

One element that can influence RN revenue is location. Right here are some example numbers:

RN wage in California: $102,700.
RN salary in New York: $83,450.
RN income in Texas: $72,070.
Registered Nurse wage in Florida: $64,890.

Prior to you transfer to California, bear in mind that California likewise has the 2nd greatest expense of living in the United States, which will no doubt decrease those high revenues a fair bit.

Watch the video clip to find out more concerning signed up nurse salary standards and also elements that can influence revenue.

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