Neonatal Nurse

Trauma-Informed Care in the NICU

This innovative book for Neonatal Nurses and NICU clinicians provides evidence-based clinical guidelines proven to mitigate and reduce the often profound trauma experience and subsequent developmental challenges for vulnerable hospitalized infants and their families. Each in-depth guideline includes the latest scientific research explaining the clinical rationale for the recommended practices, associated short-term and long-term outcomes, and implementation strategies to support practice improvement. The text reflects a trend —the provision of trauma-informed care in the neonatal intensive care unit–that has recently gained increasing momentum. With endorsements by respected transdisciplinary neonatal clinicians, it provides guidelines that encompass the five core measures for age-appropriate care, including the Healing Environment, Pain and Stress, Protected Sleep, Activities for Daily Living, Age-Appropriate Infant Guided Feeding, and Family-Integrated Care. The book also features downloadable sample competencies and parent teaching guides, along with additional eLearning modules with Nursing CE. A self-assessment checklist and teaching sheets, sample competencies, and sample algorithms add to the book’s utility. Key Features: Provides clinically relevant, evidence-based practice guidelines for minimizing trauma in neonates Encompasses the five core measures for age-appropriate care Includes proven implementation strategies to facilitate practice transformation Offers downloadable sample competencies and parent teaching guides and eLearning modules with Nursing CE Reviewed and endorsed by transdisciplinary neonatal clinicians [EN1] Not sure I like this word – maybe a development, awareness, etc.?

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