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Tribe RN Nursing Clipboard with Storage With Quick Access Medical References – Nurse / Student Edition (Black)

⚕️PLENTY OF STORAGE – This nurse clipboard will keep your reports HIPAA compliant and your pockets light! Nobody wants to be weighed down by supplies or heavy folding clipboards when running to a code blue or a code brown;) Plenty of room for your calculator, scissors, highlighters, notebooks, report sheets, pens, and other supplies!

⚕️MEDICAL REFERENCE SHEET – Color-coded reference sheet gives you quick access to the information you need when you need it! References, conversions, and values are all there to make nurses and students lives a little easier. Features: Vital Signs, ABG, Shock, Blood Product Transfusions, Lab Values, and more! It was created to be an absolutely perfect tool for clinicals.

⚕️LIGHTWEIGHT – Our storage clipboard features a thin, lightweight design that is convenient and portable. Not too big and bulky to carry room to room throughout your shift, yet the heavy duty clip is strong enough to hold all of your papers.

⚕️COLORFUL DESIGNS – Chose a clipboard that’s as colorful as you are! Know someone in nursing school? It’s also makes best gift for the student studying for the NCLEX or your favorite RN!

⚕️WATER RESISTANT – If you take your clipboard into a C-Diff or MRSA room, no worries! Simply wipe it down with sanitary wipes PRN.


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