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Why Not Men in Nursing?


In this video, three male nursing pupils from Rush University College of Nursing speak about why they picked the nursing occupation and what a nursing job provides, both directly and also professionally.

The nursing industry is still dominated by women, about 90 percent depending on the kind of nursing. Nevertheless, according to United States Bureau of Labor, the number of males who work as nurses has tripled given that 1970, increasing from 2.7 to 9.6 percent.

“Being a nurse is a terrific method to start with an exceptional wage right out of training and college. $40,000-$ 60,000 or even higher in some places and some departments,” said Barbara Pieper, “who gets right from college and makes that kind of loan?” Barbara has three son’s who are nurses and is the Associate Dean of the BS & MS Nursing Programs at Excelsior College.

Men in school are getting exactly what the women in the industry have actually discovered. Nursing is a chance to assist people, have secure work, and possibly rise into management.

According to The Kaiser Family Foundation, there are some states where the variety of men in nursing is growing a little closer to the number of female nurses. For example, for each five female nurses in California, there is one male nurse. Nebraska is the only state that has more male nurses than female nurses with roughly 3 male nurses to one female.



There are male nurses in every nurse specialized from obstetrics to geriatrics. However there appears to be certain specialities which draw in a bigger number of men.

The U.S. Census Bureau specifies that males who are nurses more frequently head toward the higher paying nursing jobs with a bit more edge and adrenalin such as a nurse anesthetist, emergency clinic nurse and flight/transport nurse.

The typical annual salary of a nurse anesthetist is $162,000, and information shows 41 percent of those operating in that field are guys.

” My earliest son had a real interest in English,” Pieper says, “He went back to be a nurse anesthetist, and likes it. He loves the leadership, the authority and the self-reliance he has with having his own practice. He likewise gets to work with doctors and family members, plus have some highs and some lows – the drama that we all love.”



Pieper thinks among the very best methods to attract men to the field is to enter into more junior high school and high schools to teach kids and therapists about the profession for both genders.

“By the time they enter college, lots of students do not know what to do is when they finish. They need to stir their creativity in high school,” stated Pieper, “Most individuals don’t recognize that nursing requires the smartest, brightest and finest people.”

Nurses make the first decision whether the client needs a physician.

“They are the ones that make a preliminary medical diagnosis if somebody is going downhill rapidly. They make that call ideal at the bedside,” Pieper says.

Excelsior College has a collaboration with the American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN) to assist increase the portion of guys at the bedside. The college’s largest academic program is its associate degree program in nursing with over 16,000 enrolled trainees.



Marty Robbins loved going to nursing school in Toronto, Canada. He was in his late 20s when he began.

“I was always a source of interest– a male in a female-dominated profession,” he states. “Many times, people believed I was the orderly or the physician.”

Now, 15 years later, he is seeing the evolution of more guys coming into the profession. In fact, he is seeing a huge upswing of more males being hired at his healthcare facility.

“Men do wander more towards working in our E.R., ICU or psych departments. You ‘d be hard pushed to discover one in pediatrics. I ‘d state our ratio is 70 percent woman and 30 percent male,” he describes.

There are even times in the emergency department, where he works, that they have more guys than females on a specific shift.

“I remember one instance where it was a cultural difference. A woman needed to utilize a bedpan and asked for a female nurse. I told her I’d have to take a look around, however all the women were on break. I wasn’t aiming to be funny, but I told her to hold it or let me help her,” he says.

Males are finally understanding what a gold mine nursing is. In Toronto, it is among the highest paying and protected occupations to have, Robbins says.

“If you are clever and use shift premiums, work holidays and some overtime, there’s no reason you should not make $90,000 to $100,000,” he includes.



Larry Meneghini was a linebacker a couple of years ago who played for St. Xavier University in Chicago. He also was learning nursing.

“He was difficult as nails. He ‘d be on the stadium on Saturday, yet assisting a senior man with care on Sunday,” he says. He now operates in a Chicago hospital.

Meneghini is associate professor of nursing at the university. He likewise heads a chapter of the AAMN.

“I followed after my Mother rather than Father because she was a nurse. It was an opportunity for me to look after people,” he explains.

In his 35 years in nursing, he has actually seen the preconception and mistaken beliefs of guys being nurses vanish.

“Some individuals out there think that men who end up being nurses are doing it because they cannot enter into medical school, or they believe they are homosexuals. If you genuinely care about nursing, you’re not going to appreciate exactly what individuals believe,” he states.

He confesses that guys who enter into nursing do deal with those obstacles sometimes, however those are going away as brand-new generations enter into play and have various outlooks and feelings.

Much like females, men also have feelings, he states. They want to see their clients succeed.

“You can’t put a gender on care,” Meneghini explains. “The good idea about nursing is that I’ve never been out of work. I never ever stressed over where my next paycheck would come from. If I ever lost my position on a Monday, I ‘d line something up on a Tuesday.”

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